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21, الجدي, Medellin-Colombia, latina

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التفضيل الجنسيمستقيم
الارتفاع5'4" - 5'6" [160سم - 170سم]
الوزن120 - 140 باوند[55 - 63 كغم]
الشعرامرأة سمراء
العرقلاتيني / اسباني
اللغاتالأسبانية, الإنجليزية
مسقط الرأس
النصف العلويمتوسطة الحجم
ما يجعلني مشتهية
I am here to awaken sensations on you, through my special show where I may include role play, intense orgasm and a lot of fantasies coming true.
A sensual Colombian girl who likes to live.
ما يطفئ شهوتي
My dear friends, I will tell you one thing with much respect and much affection. This is my job, I like to do it and I also do it with you, but nobody works for free. If you want to get a show pay to see it.

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الاثنين 9:00 م – 4:00 ص
الثلاثاء 9:00 م – 4:00 ص
الأربعاء 9:00 م – 4:00 ص
الخميس 9:00 م – 4:00 ص
الجمعة 9:00 م – 4:00 ص
السبت 9:00 م – 4:00 ص
الأحد 9:00 م – 4:00 ص
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6 january is my birthday

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My lovers Thank you

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 I want to be top three
I want to be top three
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Pure Poison dior
Pure Poison dior
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Lush lovense
Lush lovense
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Wonderful and cute lady ♥
"...esa sonrisa peculiar de jugar a tentar letal, esos dotes que si sabes como usar para matar..."
"...Tener tus ojos debe ser ilegal y mas si cuando miras solo inspiras a pecar ..."
exquisita como siempre estas divina Luciana
She is unbelievably Beautiful, but more than that... She is so fuckin' AWESOME. One of those person where you can fall in love everyday and laugh without any major reason.

Nah, she is so fuckin' awesome! Nothing more to say... hahaha!
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absolutely fabulous
A very very Beautiful Lady and has a site that no one can ever forget once you see & chat with her.. A marvelous time to be had.. She is sweet, georgious, sexy, kind and every thing it takes to make a perfect Lady :O).
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